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From the Silly to the Sublime and back again.  A musical combination of Rock, Blues, Folk, Soul and Americana.  Sometimes separately and sometimes all together. 

With heartfelt ballads such as Dylan's "Sweetheart Like You", funky lighthearted rockers like "Pile It High" (an ode to 'Big Hair') and "It's In The Way" (a comical reflection on the sexual tension), rounded out by the socially aware "Lying Around" and "Lie Down With Dogs".  'After The Storm' has something for everyone, all stitched together by Tod's rhythmic style.

'After The Storm' combines seven of Tod's compositions with cover tunes from some of his favorite songwriters, including more well known names like Bob Dylan, John Prine and Don Henry, as well as lesser known but equally skilled artists like Freebo and Bow Thayer.  "I was looking for great songs for a solo project that I could perform live with just me and a guitar.  I decided that as a producer, I would choose the songs that I thought best served the project, not the artist's ego" says Producer Tod, when discussing song selection.  And once Singer Tod set his ego aside, it seems that some of the best moments came in the performance of those cover tunes.

Most of the vocals and instruments were performed by Tod with the exception of:

'Vortex' - here veteran lead guitarist Rick Clogston was brought in to move it to another level.

'Lie Down With Dog's - adding the slide guitar of Tod's son Paul Moses.

And again with Paul's soothing slide and Debbie Marsh's backing vocals on the Bow Thayer composition 'Sandman's Island'.