Tod Moses

Gone Missing (digital download)

- The New Single from Tod Moses & Fujita 5 $.99

Imagine The Allman Bros, jamming with the Black Keys, or Georgia Florida Line, hanging out with Jack White. Think Swampy Southern Rock, meets Contemporary, Minimalist Blues.

Gone Missing is a deep, dark and swampy look at how a man changes. Some changes for the better, some for the worse but all necessary. A crisis of faith, or a momentary glimpse into madness? What does it mean to you? There is plenty of room to paint your own story here.

Make Your Own Party Hat For The End Of The World CD

- Tod Moses & Fujita 5 Debut CD (Physical Copy)


Party Hat Album DOWNLOAD

- MP3 Download of 'Make Your Own Party Hat For The End Of The World

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Blue Beetle CD

- The New 'Blue Beetle' CD (physical copy)

The 'Blue Beetle' CD, Helps Support Cancer Research at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.


You can also find your CD locally (Upper Connecticut River Valley) at Bear Hollow Vintage Guitars at 345 Miracle Mile in Lebanon NH

After The Storm CD (remix)

- CD (Physical Copy)

That Album by Ya Know? THAT BAND

- CD (Physical Copy)

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